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Free Premium Account 2012

NEW x2 UPDATE: 1/26/2012

As you know every day we try to share as many premium accounts, including a novelty for today.
Free Premium Accounts you can already start to take today.Every day we will refresh the page with the new accounts, possibly as much as possible.
Each account going to check before you publish the same,and if currently there is no download button means that we are without a premium.
Before you go to the download you will need to fill out surveys when the evidence that supports our website and our work.Each survey takes less than 5 minutes and upon completion of the survey Your premium will be stored on your computer.
And what are you waiting for, start downloading free premium for today :)

Why we use surveys ?
1.Firstly to limit the the total number of data to humans that truly will need Premium Account.
2.This is the way you help our team.By helping our site results in more giving high quality premium accounts each day,Thank you! 

Name: Premium Accounts 26 January 2012.
Size: 4 KB.
Type: Txt File.

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We have protected this file with new content lock,meaning that you will need to complete absolutly free survey to download Premium account.This new content lock will protect the number of downloads for people that really need Premium account.

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  1. hey, i can't have access to download the .txt file with the account, i'm from Venezuela and my country isn't in the survey question. help please